Friday, February 27, 2009


This week's Arty Girlz challenge is Butterflies. The winged gentleman in the photograph and captured in the jar is Mr. James Gunston N.D.A., N.D.D., author of Successful Gardening Without Digging (published by Stanley Paul 1960). Mr Dunstan's book details how land may be cultivated without recourse to digging and this makes him a hero to all allotment holders. His gardening tool of choice was a crome - actually a garden fork, forged into a claw shape:
"...The use of a crome instead of a fork or spade has many advantages. The work is easier, and a larger area of ground is prepared in a given time as compared with digging, plant foods are kept in the top layer where most needed, the many burrows made by worms during previous months are unbroken where they do most good and where they act as natural channels for draining and aerating the soil, people who are incapable of digging can continue gardening by using crome and soil bacteria are left where they prefer to be and where they do most good, instead of being buried deeply by digging."

We own a crome and it is indeed a very fine thing. It was purchased from Get Digging, purveyors of Azadas, Mattocks, Long Handled Spades, Long Handled Forks, Cromes, Scythes, Sickles and Slashers.
Mr Gunstan, gardeners and worms of the world salute you!


Kimmie said...

Beautiful art - and fascinating information! My husband uses the "French Intensive Method" which means a double dig - 2 spade lengths deep - and it literally is back breaking work. I will have to investigate the crome - perhaps this would be a good birthday gift.

I love the wings on his back. Until I read the story behind it, I thought this might be the lovely gent Larry :)

Crissi said...

wow stunning work love the story behind it.

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

crissi xx

Endicott said...

Got to admit I'm fascinated by your blog...and not a gnome in sight!

Endicott said...

Got to admit I'm fascinated by your blog....and not a gnome in sight...yet

lynne h said...

a what a beautiful place you have! xo

Julie Allain said...

WOW this is stunning!!

Thanks for joining in with the butterfly challenge on Arty Girlz

Julie xx

Happy Girl Stitching said...

Gorgeous artwork!!! Love your blog so full of inspiration.

Endicott said...

And here's me thinking I was the only one with things in jars!! Great work can't wait to see more!
Endicott P.

Femmy said...

this is stunning!!!

rivergardenstudio said...

I love these pieces with the sweet gardner with his wings and satisfied smile! He makes me smile. I want to thank you for your visit to my blog and am so happy to discover you as well... Your art is incredible! Now I am off to see more of it! roxanne