Monday, March 9, 2009

Fille d'un tambourin


Sadly, I don't know the identity of the young woman. I have two portraits of her wearing carnival costume, taken by a photographer named Mrs. Holmes, one (dated 1896) at her studio at 4, Park Street, Lytham and the other at the Studio of Davis and Sons, also in Lytham.


Robin said...

OMG this is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors,the textures and the look she has just draws you in!! Have a great day! Take Care - Robin

chouk77 said...

Yes, it's a wonderful page !

I love your design Lumi and thank you again for your 2 pages with my kit.


Kimmie said...

Very beautiful and dreamlike - she looks as though she's homesick for her faraway land ..... lovely!

Kimmie said...

Hi there! about that tea - it comes in teabags which would be quite easy to mail - I'd be happy to send you some :) (my e-mail is linked to my profile)

And perhaps when it comes time to water the garden at Larry's feet (so to speak) the hose could "accidentally" splash some water on all those pesky bills :)

Always so nice to get a good long chatty comment! Thank you!

Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful colors, perfect with the image!
Have a wondrous and magical day!
Gaby xo

lynne h said...

honestly, i just want to say 'perfect' every time i look at your work! it's just so, so... eye pleasingly perfect!! this piece just sings... xo

Anonymous said...

Such a very gorgeous piece. I love the richness of the colors.

malacima said...

fab work!!!love the colors,the textures..everything!!