Tuesday, May 19, 2009

William, Jane & John: Shadow and Solace


Representing the ideals of self-control and self-denial, the Temperance Movement epitomized middle-class Victorian values. That one should at all times be in total control of oneself was of utmost importance to the Victorians...A man who indulged himself in leisure was not considered a "true man," for a "true man" denied himself pleasure and practiced self-denial. The "long pledge"...forbade anyone under the pledge oath from serving alcohol in his or her home. For the middle class, this provided serious social problems because few socialites cared to dine in someone's home and not drink wine. Also, the "long pledge" disallowed the giving or taking of sacramental wine. In lieu of these strict rules, many middle-class people who supported temperance but still wished to drink wine with their dinners, were not supportive of the teetotal movement. However, women at marrying age during this period were encouraged by teetotallers and non-teetotallers alike to only marry men who were teetotal.
Taken from The Temperance Movement and Class Struggle in Victorian England by Rebecca Smith

I'm working on another, slightly more colourful version of this image which I may post later in the week.



Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, the mystery is unfolding a bit? Lovely piece with so many visual and textural layers! It struck me that I wonder what it would feel like to walk through the atmosphere you have created. I want to reach and feel it!

I've sent you a few email messages since I last heard from you about a week ago, I think. I wonder why you've not got them. I still have them and can resend. I got one from you on the 10th and I sent one to you on the 11th, 13th, and yesterday (just checked). I'll recheck the address from your original message. Do you have a spam filter? Maybe they've gone there? hmmmmm

Kimmie said...

so many rules .... I'd bomb out as a victorian :)

Taluula said...

I saw this over at Quirks and it's just as wonderful for a second peep. Love it, you are so talented.

Anonymous said...

I would've gone crazy too LOL