Thursday, July 9, 2009

Digi Dares: Dot and Little Maree

Digital collage 9ins x 9ins
click here for larger image

This week's Thank God It's Friday challenge has an alphabet theme and I've chosen to work with just one letter: D. Here's a challenge for you: all SEVEN items incorporated into this image have a connection with the letter D. Can you identify them all? Don't look further down yet if you want to have a go before reading the answers...

1. The portrait of a lady, aged 35 is DUTCH SCHOOL circa 1620
2. The lady is holding a foxglove, the Latin name for which is DIGITALIS
3. The overlaid print extract on the right of the image is from Henrique Brunswick's DICCIONARIO Illustrado da Lingua Portugueza (award yourself an extra point for guessing correctly that the language is Portuguese!)
4. The wings are an illustration from this dictionary, of a small moth-like insect labeled DERBE (I have not found an English translation of this word. Can anyone help?)
5. The background is a photograph that I took at the Oxford Museum of Science, of the blackboard that Albert Einstein used for a lecture at Oxford University in 1931. The handwritten lines establish an equation for "D", the measure of expansion in the universe
6. The background photograph is overlaid with a DAMASK pattern
7. The large letter D font is DIDOT

How many did you get?


lynne h said...

you always, always amaze me! everything is placed *perfectly*!! each. little. thing makes my eyes smile...

and now i will be soilant... ; )


Sandra said...

Yeah, you got me, I was looking for the other pics, but knowing you they ARE there, so I wasn't too worried LOL
I love your reasoning how she got her nickname.
btw, why don't you create your own digital squashed slugs?

Linda said...

I love everything about this - its just beautiful. The rose looks like you could pick it off the page.
(I honestly think a squashed slug is the most disgusting thing there is...doesn't bear close inspection!!)

Kimmie said...

slugs are the bane of my husbands existence these days. He holds daily executions on a particular rock in the garden.

But - your Nan - she was a lovely soul - I remember your tale of her charitable ways in business - which led to it's ultimate demise. Her heart was living in good and pleasant places - like the garden and it's flowers.

Bea said...

My husband, also a Neal, thoroughly enjoyed your story. Me?
I love your blog. Love your work. Love your stories. That's it, just a lot of love sent across the ocean. :)Bea