Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Le Livre D'Automne

Le Livre D'Automne

iPhone collage

We're going away on Thursday and there are one hundred and one things to do, but, of course, I can't focus on any single task.
So here is another collage that I made last night from a photograph taken and processed back in January. I can't recall how many, or which particular Apps were used but I have Renee, of Playing With Brushes, to thank for the inspiration! Thankyou Renee!

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Lori Saul said...

Beautiful! An otherworldly essence to this lovely piece.

Outside The Lines said...

What beauty you can create with your IPhone! Reminds me of an old tintype....lovely!

La Dolce Vita said...

love it Lumi dear, and have a great trip and safe travel!

Limar said...

Beautiful indeed! :)

deb said...

my favorite season, and a tree... just perfect :)