Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Living




Shot iPhone 3GS, processed iPad
Museum In The Park: Stratford Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire



Shot and processed iPhone 3GS
Doncaster Museum, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Objects displayed in museum cabinets or tableaux, still and silent.
Returning home, I contemplate other possibilities...


La Dolce Vita said...

amazing and moving work... xo

Lumilyon said...

Thanks so much lovely Caterina! Hope your move is going well x

magpie said...

magic made visible
(as always)

kimmie said...

I really like the progression of each subject .... There are so many ways to look at something.

So you used your iPad for processing? I still just use iPhoto on my Mac. What app do you use?

Lumilyon said...

Thaks for the lovely compliment Judy! Kimmie, there are lots of great iPad apps for editing photos and also for painting and drawing. A really nice editing app is PhotoFX HD. I don't know if you've scrolled down this page and beyond and found the two iPhone tutorials I've written. All the apps I used for them have iPad versions or, if there is none, you can just use the iPhone version on the iPad. I'll be rolling out more tutorials in the future x

lynne h said...

lumi, i am waving... and, as always, in awe of your work...

love to you,


phoebe said...

Gorgeous and haunting images! Your work is an inspiration.

Lumilyon said...

Hello Lynne! Thanks so much for stopping by and making me smile, I've been thinking of you! Phoebe, thank you, good to meet you!