Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cut and Paste: Rules of Engagement


iPad collage

During my last French holiday, I managed to get to a couple of village brocantes where I could indulge myself in my obsession for ferreting through dusty boxes in search of abandoned photographs and paper ephemera. Over the next few weeks, I'll be digitalising my latest finds, along with paper treasures gifted to me by two generous paper swap partners: April in California, USA, and Beth in Kwazulu-natal, South Africa. So once more, my mind has turned to cutting and pasting. Working with "live media" informs the digital process, refreshing my memory about such things as how layered papers cast shadows upon each other or how tape and glue discolour over time. Digitally recreating the look of such work is always an absorbing challenge, especially on the iPhone and iPad where no single app can do all the work possible in Photoshop. If, like me, you use several apps to process an image, you might be interested in a new one named PhotoAppLink that's being developed to simplify the process. As yet, the number of apps that support it is limited, but let's hope that other developers will come on board when they see the benefit to users.

Exhibition News!

Light Impressions at Studio B, Alys Beach, Florida (June 10 - July 10, 2011) featured an impressive wall of 40 iPads displaying my work alongside that of 39 iPhoneographer friends from around the world. The Stylectrical exhibit at the MKG Hamburg (Museum of Arts and Crafts) (26th Aug. 2011 - 15th Jan. 2012) showcases the work of international mobile artists and includes a collaboration between myself and another friend: Finger Painting maestro Matthew Watkins.


iPad mash with Matthew Watkins

Whilst on the subject of Finger Painting: if you live in the Birmingham (UK) area, do came and join me on Saturday 29th October at the Midland Centre For The Arts (MAC), Cannon Hill, Birmingham, where, as part of the Mac's BIG DRAW celebrations, I'll be Resident Artist for the day. There's a Life Drawing session with model between 11- 1 and I'll be in the foyer for the rest of the day, demonstrating drawing and painting apps and sharing tips with anyone who cares to drop by and say hello. All levels of experience will be welcome at the Life Drawing session. For those who have always fancied having a go, but are not sure where to begin, this will be a relaxed introduction to drawing and painting with mobile devices. Those of you who already finger paint will have an opportunity to spend a couple of hours drawing and sharing techniques with other mobile artists.

Further details of the Life Drawing Session and booking information can be found here

Please remember to bring a stylus. If you don't already have one, do consider investing: Here's a useful guide. The Pogo Sketch doesn't get a great review, but it's the one I use and recommend to beginners.

Hope to see you there!


iPad collage/finger painting


Kate England said...

Congratulations on all the exciting things going on in your creative life! The exhibitions, teaching and your find of abandoned photos! May I hope that your new finds will lead to yet another interesting tutorial?!

Take care! :)

deb said...

wow that some finger painting! lovely!

Lumilyon said...

Hello lovely Kate! Yes, hatching lots of plans, watch this space! Thanks Deb: Finger Painting is very absorbing!

D-Ana Fernandez said...

Really your art seems to me to be very creative! I hope that you will continue showing your discoveries!
Have a nice day!

D-Ana Fernandez said...

Really your art seems to me to be very creative! I hope that you will continue showing your discoveries!

Seth said...

I love the collage in the first photo. And congratulations on the iPad exhibition. What a great idea.