Monday, April 19, 2010

The Juliet Journals: Secrets Of Sixteen

Secrets Of Sixteen: Mixed Media Art Journal Page By Jules Capulet Aged 16

digital collage 12ins x 12ins

I am nearly 16
Secret thoughts within me
I really want to have a boyfriend and fall in love
But what if I loose him like Mum?

I'm really enjoying the process of creating journal pages whilst assuming another persona: an exercise in exploring the role of artist as actor. It is very like designing a costume but even more intense and involved, as when I'm working on a page, I not only have to inhabit the character but also attempt to express their creative language, leaving my own as far behind as I can whilst at the same time, using my personal artistic judgement and technical know-how to oversee the operation. Today I thought back to the time just before Christmas when I ran collage workshops with groups of sixteen year olds and this helped me to focus more clearly on how Jules might make her pages.
As I'm intending each page to have a companion containing extra journaling, I'm not crowding these first ones with too much text, just laying out themes.
Friday is a big day for Jules: her 16th birthday and she is planning her party. Over the weekend, she tweeted "I've been thinking about like...turning 16 and like...getting a bf know..."Doing It"...Advice anyone?"

Jules's last journal page can be found HERE

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lynne h said...

lumi, you are just so damned GOOD at this! regardless of the colors or the subject, you do it to subtle perfection... xo