Thursday, April 29, 2010

More iPhone collages


iPhone collage

I'm taking another short break from Such Tweet Sorrow, to catch up with sharing some more of my recent iPhone work with those of you who don't visit Flickr.

Burnt Offerings is a collage of several flowers and flower pattern photographs, taken in Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris.


iPhone collage

Attachment is the title of an on-going series that I'm working on: exploring memory, sentiment and lies in family relationships. As in The Juliet Journals, I'm creating images from the perspective of imagined characters, but in this instance, I'm also inventing their stories. As is often the case with my iPhone work, I made many versions of this piece and finally settled on this one as it best suggests the fragmented and fragile nature of desperately clung-onto childhood fables.


iphone collage

A Boy's Own Story was made following a trip to STEAM: the railway heritage museum in Swindon, Wiltshire, where I had been drawn to take photographs of the mannequins used in tableaux that depict aspects of work and recreation in the age of Steam. I wondered what other narratives might occur once the inanimate figures were extracted from their museum settings, so I took close-up views of figures and faces, from different viewing angles than those naturally imposed upon visitors by the positions and arrangements of displays (whilst at the same time, trying not to attract the attention of the museum's staff and be guided-off the premises for suspicious behaviour). This image is a collage of two photographs: the young lad was originally enjoying the view from a train carriage window, as he travelled with his mother and sister to an unknown seaside destination; the scantily clad lady was extracted from a photograph that I took by pointing my iPhone down the viewfinder of an antique What The Butler Saw Fairground machine.


lynne h said...

oh, i do love the magic you create with your iPhone... it's so sweet, so present... xo

Kelly M. said...

Truly hard to believe these are created from iPhone shots! The subtlty is amazing! Thank you for sharing -- now where's my cellphone. . . ??? :-)

Lori Saul said...

Wondrous work- beautiful vintage feel with the most up to date technology- perfect harmony!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your work is stunning! Absolutely love these 3 pieces and totally admire your talent.

Debrina said...

Two things I want for xmas: an iPhone and to find Santa. I need to find Santa to get the iPhone.

Seth said...

iPhone??? These are tremendous. The first one is an absolute stunner!

Fair & Square Studio said...

Burnt Offering is the one pulling my heart strings. I love all of these, but the first is something I'd put on my wall, not just my phone! ;)


La Dolce Vita said...

you are so talented dear Lumi, they are all magnificent but the last one is emotionally stunning! xx's

studioJudith said...

Such inspiration -
I'm thrilled to have found your
beautiful blog!