Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Collages & Contests

iPhone 3GS/iPad collage

iPhone 3GS/iPad collage

iPhone 3GS/iPad collage

Over the past five years, I've had many reasons for giving thought to how family relationships impact upon our Mental Health and I'm now creating a body of work that explores this subject. Each image contains at least one copy of a single self portrait and although some of the issues explored may be autobiographical, there are layers of meaning and each viewer will bring their personal narratives to the table. For instance: Rules Of Engagement 03 has provoked discussion not only about sibling rivalry, but also of self-harm. All feedback most welcome!

Last week, photographer David Rann invited me to visit Fotofilia: his fine gallery space and photographic studio in Birmingham (England) where I made a presentation to one of his groups: The Club. Considering David's loathing of the overuse of sepia in modern photography, he was a gracious host and he's even asked me to give a repeat performance and run a workshop at some time in the near future. Not everyone was instantly won over to the notion of Mobile Photography but I understand that quite a few of them (Including David) have since been spending lots of pocket money in the App Store, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Talented iPhoneographer Dan Berman is running an exciting new competition: The Mobile Photography Awards, and I'm thrilled to be head of the panel judging Digital Art and Collage. There are 15 categories and some great prizes that include an opportunity to be featured in terrestrial and online exhibitions. Almost two years ago, when I first began creating collages on my iPhone, I couldn't find anyone else who was making them, so eventually, I began a Flickr group in the hope that it would attract like-minded souls. I was the only member for several months and we're still a small group, but there are now many more artists creating stunning Collages and Montages with their Mobile Devices, so I'm sure that the judging process will be a tough one. The closing date for entries is 30th November 2011 and there are entry fees but I must stress that this is a not-for-profit venture: monies raised are to cover the costs of promoting and staging exhibitions. This is a wonderful initiative that Dan hopes will further raise the profile of Mobile Photography and Art, so do please check out the competition site.


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You are a very talented lady, Miss Lumi. Congratulations, my friend.