Friday, November 5, 2010

The leaves that are green turn to brown

shot & processed iphone 3GS

shot & processed iphone 3GS

shot & processed iphone 3GS

shot & processed iphone 3GS

This is my first post in over a month and the first one written from my new studio. It is everything I'd hoped for: there is (pretty much) room for everything and the space is light and airy but at the same time, a warm and snug retreat from where I can watch the seasons change as I work. This afternoon, twilight and raindrops are falling on our pond and clinging to the bare branches of the elder tree. To my right, I should be able to catch a glimpse of the hill, but shrouded in English Autumn weather, it has completely disappeared from view. A few weeks ago, I took a walk up there and shot the photographs that were the beginnings of the images posted above. The apps used were Toy Camera, PhotoFx, Iris and Photo Copier.


Heavens2Betsy said...

These are such stunning photos. Very ethereal and atmospheric. I love them all. Penny

Carol Q said...

wonderful. very atmospheric.

lynne h said...

oh lumi, i love the idea of you in a snug, but light and airy studio! these images are stunning. they always are... xoxo

LaWendula said...

Haha, this Simon & Garfunkel line I had in mind too these days.
I have a new blog, maybe you want to come over! :)

Lani Gerity said...

I just picked up a copy of Artful Blogging and there you are, the best thing in the issue, hands down! Thanks so much for being the artful inspiration that you are!

Lumilyon said...

Thanks so much Betsy, Carol, Lynne, Lawendula and Lani, for dropping by and leaving your comments, it's been a while and I'm finding it difficult to get my thoughts organised at the moment, so posts are few and far between. Lani: I'm thrilled that you "enjoyed" my article (not exactly the right word, is it?!) I felt very vulnerable after written it, so thank YOU for your kind words of support x

magpie said...

few & far between perhaps, but worth the wait. ive been in a similar state
(although i don't have
new studio space to show for it!
(not even a clear table)

Seth said...

sensational pictures. i feel like i could walk right in them!